Preparing a home to sell can be daunting. Changing Spaces offers an objective point of view for staging your home to attract the buyers you desire.

Home staging is all about attracting prospective buyers and receiving top dollar for your home.  The main objective with staging is to help the potential buyers see themselves living in the home at first sight.

Changing Spaces creates an inviting and comfortable living space for the all-important first impression. Our professionals showcase your home’s best features by decluttering, positioning furniture and neutralizing bold colors, all in an effort to provide a new canvas for the prospective buyer. Our goal is to use what you have to minimize possible purchasing, which increases your profit in the sale of your home.

Our home staging services include:

  • Neutralizing the space
  • Repositioning furniture, artwork, and accessories
  • Considering new (neutral) paint schemes
  • Suggesting lighting changes
  • Decluttering
  • Noting possible repairs
  • Prepare for professional photography to enhance online listings


First step for everyone: The Consultation

During your consultation, a professional designer/organizer will recommend which services will be needed for proper staging to help your home sell quickly at the best price. You, of course, have the final say on which ideas are implemented.

Second step: (you choose)

A. You do the work! We give the suggestions. You take the notes and take action! We will happily step aside and you implement the suggestions and stage your home.

B. We do the work! We take the notes and take action. We decide together with you the suggestions you want implemented and what services best fit your budget. Let us eliminate the stress
and stage your home for you!