The holidays “will be here before you know it.” We know there are so many things on your list during the season that indoor decorating can be time consuming and overwhelming. Although the holidays are full of great memories sometimes they may evoke other emotions. Changing Spaces makes the transitions much easier for anyone that has encountered major changes in their life and may feel paralyzed.

Sometimes it is a new home and you don’t know where your decorations will look their best. Sometimes it is a loss of a loved one that makes the thought of decorating for the holidays just too much to bear.

Let Changing Spaces take your holiday decorating off the list. Just like our redesign we can use what you already have, shop for new, and/or mix the two. We not only put up decorations but we take them down as well in a neat and orderly fashion. Let us do the work and your gift to yourself is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays. Also, our decorating services can make a great gift for someone you know!

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